AR Design: Top 5 Advertising Campaigns with AR

Augmented reality presents an innovative opportunity for brands and businesses to craft captivating marketing experiences within their advertising campaigns. Below, you’ll discover a collection of inspiring AR design instances used in advertising to inspire your upcoming campaign.

1. Verizon | Revolutionary 5G Experience on Snapchat

Verizon partnered with the renowned band, The Black Pumas, and Snapchat for their groundbreaking ‘5G Built Right for Snapchat’ initiative. The lead singer delivered a mesmerizing AR performance in front of the iconic New York Public Library.

The campaign spotlighted Verizon’s 5G network capabilities and new Snapchat features. Through Snapchat’s landmark filter, Verizon customers with 5G-enabled smartphones could virtually attend the AR concert at the library. Lead singer Eric Burton captivated audiences with a rendition of their hit song «Colors,» transforming the building and surroundings with a vivid display of colors and flowers. This collaboration seamlessly merges 5G technology and location-based content, propelling it to the top tier of 2020’s campaigns.

2. Lucasfilm | Immersive Mandalorian AR Marketing Campaign

Lucasfilm introduced an AR application to promote the second season of Disney+’s popular series, «The Mandalorian.» This app enables users to visualize iconic characters from the beloved series.

Users can recreate memorable scenes featuring Mando and Baby Yoda from Season 1 within their living spaces. Leveraging cutting-edge AR tech, the app enriches the environment with snow and other special effects, transporting users to the captivating Star Wars universe. With a photo mode for sharing captivating scenes, this experience is not only immersive but also highly shareable. «The Mandalorian» effortlessly secures its place among the top AR campaigns.

3. The Weeknd | Groundbreaking TikTok AR Event

Canadian artist The Weeknd made history by hosting an augmented reality concert on TikTok in partnership with WAVE, a pioneer in XR concerts.

To promote his album «After Hours,» TikTok delivered a fully digital live experience where scenes dynamically changed with each song. Users engaged by voting for scene transitions and sharing live comments, creating an interactive atmosphere. The event, tagged #TheWeekndEXP, garnered an impressive 1.3 billion views and raised over 350,000 euros for charity. With this innovative use of AR technology, The Weeknd’s concert experience stands out as one of the most remarkable of 2020.

4. The Pokemon Company | Engaging AR Dental Hygiene App

The Pokémon Company introduced «Pokemon Smile,» an AR application designed to educate children on proper and regular teeth brushing using beloved Pokémon characters.

Through face tracking technology, kids don a cute Pikachu hat while saving Pokémon creatures from cavity-causing bacteria by brushing correctly. With over 500,000 downloads, 7,500 five-star reviews, and extensive coverage by YouTubers, Pikachu’s dental hygiene adventure has captured hearts and brushes aside the competition.

5. Malibu | Interactive Street AR Advertising

Malibu collaborated with GoSpooky to develop an engaging AR game as part of their summer campaign, «A Bit of Sunshine.» «Malibu Tropical Parkour» utilizes Snapchat’s AR Marker Tech to promote Bacardi Limon.

This innovative technology transforms billboards, product packaging, and buildings into interactive AR animations and games. By scanning Malibu’s ads, users can engage in a fun game where they navigate tropical obstacles and collect power-ups. The high scores can be easily shared with friends via Snapchat, turning mundane moments into exciting gameplay experiences. Malibu’s creative use of AR technology in street advertising sets a high standard for immersive brand engagement.

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