Augmented Reality Painting Apps: AR Artworks

Augmented reality painting apps provide a unique platform to unleash your artistic potential. Are you an art enthusiast looking for a new way to express your creativity?  These apps make it look fun and accessible for everyone. Whether you’re an experienced artist looking to explore new ideas or a beginner wanting to develop your skills, these apps are definitely worth your attention.

World Brush

World Brush is one of the innovative augmented reality painting apps that enables users to create anonymous site-specific art all over the AR world. Discover inspiring work created by others in different locations or showcase your own masterpieces for the world to see. With features that encourage interaction and feedback from other users, World Brush creates a vibrant community of artists within an augmented environment.


SketchAR is a must-have tool for both beginner and professional artists. This app simulates a real drawing environment, allowing users to draw on real-world sketchpads or even snap pictures and draw on top of them. Say goodbye to cumbersome tracing methods and hello to a convenient way to sketch on the go or project artwork for large-scale pieces like murals.

Augmented reality painting apps

Vermeer’s Lens AR

Vermeer’s Lens AR drawing tool takes the drawing process to the next level by fixing perspective on images, making it easier for users to create accurate and detailed drawings. With a robust YouTube channel offering helpful how-to videos, users can optimize their experience with this app and enhance their artistic skills every Wednesday.

Holo Paint

Holo Paint is another exciting AR app that offers a variety of brush colors, textures, shapes, and lines. With animated brush textures and advanced features like area learning and depth sensing, painting in the AR environment feels incredibly real. Created by Moback, an AR/VR company known for their innovative projects, Holo Paint provides a creative and immersive painting experience unlike any other.

Experience the future of art with augmented reality painting and drawing apps. Unleash your creativity, explore new possibilities, and connect with a community of like-minded artists in a virtual world where the only limit is your imagination. Try these apps today and discover a whole new way to create art like never before.

Stories AR

Using the Stories AR platform is the easy way to animate your photo albums and digital projects. Try it for free and experience the magic of making your photos come alive in just 60 seconds! With Stories AR, it only takes 2 simple steps: Upload your images to create stunning AR photos on any mobile device or browser. Then record multiple photos and videos with just one QR code for instant viewing!

Integrate AR experiences into your projects with Stories AR to boost engagement and profits. Explore our app now and start bringing your pictures and arts to life! 

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