Statistics That Will Change How You Think about Ecommerce Augmented Reality

Here are some truly compelling statistics that highlight the importance of considering the integration of ecommerce Augmented Reality (AR) into your business technology stack:

— The projected AR market size is set to reach $198 billion by 2025, indicating that AR is not just a passing trend but a valuable tool for marketing and sales.

— The number of AR users continues to grow steadily.

— AR significantly impacts purchase decisions: Consumers show a higher inclination to make purchases when presented with branded AR experiences, particularly in areas like home decor (73%), product personalization (73%), virtual try-on (72%), and product demonstration (70%).

— There is a substantial demand for AR, with 54% of consumers actively seeking out AR experiences, often by searching for brand-specific AR content using the camera feature on digital platforms such as Snapchat.

— By 2025, InsiderIntelligence predicts that mobile AR revenue will reach $23 billion.

— Social shoppers are embracing new technologies like Virtual Reality (VR) and AR as the metaverse evolves. More than 85% of consumers who engage with VR and AR are already involved in social shopping, with Gen Z (32%) and Millennials (30%) being the most enthusiastic adopters of this innovative shopping approach.

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