Stories AR platform — Update June 2020

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Polyclet Senior.

Another update to the Stories AR PRO June 2020 service:

The major update was the SAP license, with a number of new features:

a) Enable and disable AR photo playback

This tool will be useful if you are taking AR photos on loan or for a period of time. Let’s say you have sold leaflets that come to life and you only need the photo to work for 3 months, after this time has passed, you can turn off the photo without deleting it, that is, you still have the QR code, but the photo does not come to life. It is also possible to disable the photos that you have not been paid for for some reason.

b) Deletion of AR photos

You can now easily delete your photos coming to life from your SAP cabinet. Important! After deletion, your AR photos will no longer work.

2 — Updated the app on IOS

3 — Updated Android app

P.S. We always welcome your feedback! If you have any ideas/features that we can implement, please write us!

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