Top 5 augmented reality companies

We have compelled 5  recent cases of   how augmented reality companies across sectors and their innovative ways of  drawing consumers into their marketing and new products around the world:

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar’s #TakeATasteNow

1. Coca-Cola Zero Sugar launched a campaign called #TakeATasteNow in autumn 2023, partnering with Tesco Group for a digital out-of-home and AR experience. Smartphone users could interact with AR visuals on screens in real-time and scan a QR code for a digital Coke Zero and a voucher for a real one at Tesco locations. The campaign included influencer partnerships on Instagram.

 Marcolin’s virtual sunglasses visualisation

Marcolin used AR technology for virtual try-ons of Guess sunglasses, targeting the 18-34 age group across five countries. The campaign saw high engagement rates, particularly in Italy.

Circle K & Niantic’s rewarded AR in Pokémon Go

3. Circle K and Niantic collaborated on rewarded AR ads in Pokémon Go, allowing players to interact with branded content in the game world. The campaign had a high engagement rate and completion rate among players.

Christian Dior Parfums’ AR Beauty Try-On

Christian Dior Parfums got all fancy with their AR Beauty Try-On campaign! They teamed up with Google and Spark Foundry to promote their Dior Addict Lipstick during Eid 2023. Google data shows that around Eid, folks are searching for beauty stuff like crazy, so it was the perfect time to launch this interactive campaign.

The ad on YouTube and Google’s partner sites let users try on different lipstick shades using their phone camera. And get this — you could shop the look right then and there by clicking ‘shop now’. The campaign reached over 4 million people in Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Kuwait, and Qatar. People were all about trying on different lipstick shades over 400,000 times — that’s a lot of selfies!

Christian Dior Parfums is stoked about using this AR tech in future campaigns. They’re keeping an eye out for other cool interactive marketing ideas to keep things fresh.

Warner Bros & Snapchat’s Barbie AR activations

5 Warner Bros and Snapchat teamed up for some Barbie AR fun during the summer of 2023. With the release of the ‘Barbie’ film, they launched a Barbie Wardrobe AR lens on Snapchat. Users could try on outfits inspired by the movie and even turn global landmarks pink and pastel-colored.

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