What is augmented reality app for android?

What is augmented reality app for android? Augmented reality (AR) apps extend your vision with the help of applications that allows you to visualize 3D objects in your surrounding environment. These applications utilize the camera on your Android to overlay virtual objects onto the physical world, creating an immersive and interactive experience.

For instance, consider the popular game Pokemon Go, which features an AR mode allowing users to view Pokemon creatures within their actual surroundings through the device’s camera. By leveraging the built-in camera’s depth-sensing capabilities, the app accurately positions 3D objects within the real world.

There are two primary categories of AR apps for Android: those that rely on markers and markerless apps.

AR with Markers

Currently, marker-based AR is the most prevalent type. However, its main drawback is the necessity for physical markers to display 3D objects.

The process is straightforward:

1. Launch the AR app.

2. Position the provided marker within view of the app’s camera.

3. Scan the marker using the AR app.

4. The 3D model will then be superimposed onto the marker.

One limitation of this approach is that without the specific marker, the 3D object cannot be visualized. Nevertheless, this method is favored for business promotions, as it allows companies to provide users with a digital brochure or business card.

Marker-less AR

In contrast, markerless AR eliminates the need for physical markers by detecting flat surfaces within your environment. This approach minimizes reliance on markers to display 3D objects, and advancements in technology have enabled markerless AR experiences to become increasingly prevalent.

While Pokemon Go initially utilised a marker-based AR system, it has evolved to incorporate more markerless elements due to advancements in smartphone technology and capabilities.

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