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Your AR app in the AppStore and Android

Сreate augmented reality app

Your AR app in the AppStore and Android with Stories AR

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Promote your brand with a custom augmented reality app

What does your app give you?
1 - Brand recognition
2 - Customer loyalty
3 - Attracting traffic to your resources

Stages of work?

We conclude a contract where we describe all the important points for you

2) Google Play and AppStore accounts
We register and pay for accounts in Google Play and AppStore using your legal information (it can be a personal account, which is easier)

3) Development
Especially for you, we will create an app based on our Stories AR app

4) Your branding
We place your logo and the name of the application in Google Play and AppStore. The interface remains the same as in the Stories AR app
5) We will link the Stories AR PRO admin panel to your app
We will open an individual account for you in the Stories AR PRO admin panel, which will be linked to your application. All photos uploaded to your account will only work in your application.

You can find more information and answers to your questions on this page
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