Boost your Profit and Create a New Dimension of Your Art.

tomorrow 17 p.m.
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How to Implement AR in photo and art Industry in 3 Days

After the webinar, you will apply AR in:
Presently, paintings at home on your wall or in the art gallery can be alive with Stories
AR. This is a new level of user involvement in your content
Amaze your customers with live photos in the album. More than 1000 photographers
around the world have already embedded AR photos into their albums and increased
their profits
Flyers and any print works can drive traffic to your resource (instagram/website, etc.)
using Stories AR and the active link tool in Stories AR PRO
AR is a new tool to bump up sales of any souvenir products, more than 1000 partners globally have already embedded AR in their products
The signboards will come to life for you and your customers now and tell about your product or services. Discover the AR photos, the new source of customers. It has never been that easy.
AdS. cards
Show the presentation of your product or service on your business card. And direct your client to any link (instagram/website, etc.) as well
Increase your profit using AR.
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