AR for business: Top 5 Tools to Upgrade your Sales Presentation

In this article, we will help you enhance your slides with the latest trends!

1. Augmented Reality (AR):

Augmented reality (AR) enhances presentations by superimposing digital information on real-world objects. It’s a rapidly growing trend that has revolutionized presentation design. AR markers, for example, allow presenters to add 3D objects, animations, or videos to markers, creating visually appealing and interactive presentations. Companies like Toyota have used AR markers to showcase products, providing audiences with immersive experiences.

2. Virtual Reality (VR):

Virtual reality (VR) creates simulated environments that users can interact with through VR headsets. It’s being widely used for educational purposes, such as medical training simulations that help professionals practice procedures in a safe environment. VR has the potential to transform presentations by offering unforgettable experiences to audiences.

3. Holograms:

Holograms create visually stunning experiences and have diverse applications across industries. They allow audiences to view products from different perspectives and are even used for video conferencing, enhancing remote collaboration and making work interactions more engaging.

4. 3-D Models:

3-D models are excellent tools for showcasing complex designs and structures, providing audiences with a better understanding of products and their functions. Companies like Ikea use 3-D models in catalogs to help customers visualize products in their own spaces.

5. Artificial Intelligence (AI):

AI automates tasks and enhances presentations by providing real-time support. AI-powered chatbots like Microsoft’s Presentation Translator offer features like real-time translation services during presentations, making it easier to communicate with multilingual audiences and improving overall efficiency.

These trends are reshaping the way presentations are delivered and are helping presenters create more engaging and interactive experiences for their audiences. Don’t miss the chance to integrate one more Ar experience into your project with Stories AR! Check the details.

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