Augmented reality for ecommerce: Future trends

With this kind of growth, it’s obvious that the future of Augmented Reality in Ecommerce is no laughing matter, and businesses that adopt it will be the ones to succeed. Let’s dig in and discover what the future holds for AR in e — commerce and the exciting possibilities ahead.

Augmented reality for ecommerce: Applications

1 Product Placement:

A significant role of Augmented Reality (AR) in shaping the future of Ecommerce is through AR product placement. Picture redecorating your living room without ever leaving your home! AR enables you to visualize furniture, appliances, and artwork directly in your own space. By utilizing your phone camera, you can observe a digital 3D model of the product superimposed onto your actual surroundings. You have the freedom to move the virtual product around, resize it, and witness how it fits with your existing decor. For instance, IKEA offers customers the ability to virtually place furniture pieces in their homes using their app. This not only aids in determining scale and sizing but also allows users to experiment with different layouts and styles before committing to a purchase. This is just one example of how AR product placement is empowering customers to make more confident buying decisions.

2 Social Media Filters:

The future of Augmented Reality in ecommerce goes beyond mere product visualization on websites. Social media platforms are also embracing the advantages of emerging technologies like AR to craft interactive marketing experiences. Imagine trying on makeup virtually while scrolling through your Instagram feed or visualizing how a new pair of sneakers would look on your feet through a Snapchat filter. AR filters on social media enable brands to engage with potential customers in an entertaining and interactive manner. For instance, NARS cosmetics, Sephora, and Fenty Beauty have introduced various AR filters on Instagram that allow users to virtually try on different blush and lip color shades from their collections. This playful and interactive experience not only creates excitement around the brand’s new product line but also gathers valuable customer data on preferences and color choices.

3 Interactive User Manuals:

An often-overlooked aspect of augmented reality in Ecommerce is its potential to revolutionize user manuals and product instructions. Say goodbye to deciphering confusing diagrams or struggling with text-heavy manuals. Augmented reality in marketing provides a fresh approach to guiding customers through product assembly, functionality, and troubleshooting. For example, a toy manufacturer could employ AR to develop an interactive user guide for a new construction toy. By pointing their smartphone camera at the toy, users could access animated instructions on how to operate its various features. AR can overlay interactive visuals, animations, or even short video clips onto the physical product, offering a clear and engaging user experience.

4 Virtual Try-On Solutions:

One of the most promising benefits of Augmented Reality in ecommerce is the emergence of virtual try-on solutions. Envision trying on clothes, jewelry, or makeup without setting foot in a store. With AR, this becomes a reality. Using your smartphone camera, AR technology places a digital image of the product onto your body in real-time. You can see how a dress would fit your figure or how a lipstick shade would complement your skin tone. This eliminates the uncertainty often associated with online shopping and empowers you to make more informed decisions. For example, Quay Australia enables customers to virtually try on various styles of glasses using their phone’s camera. This not only ensures a good fit but also allows users to experiment with different looks before making a purchase. This is just one instance of how virtual try-on solutions are poised to revolutionize the online shopping experience.

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