Augmented reality in magazines: How do magazines make money on AR?

Augmented reality in magazines  has revolutionized the way they engage with their readers, offering a dynamic and immersive experience that goes beyond traditional print media. Magazines are leveraging AR technology not only to enhance content but also to generate revenue through innovative monetization strategies. In this post, we will explore how magazines make money on augmented reality, along with five examples of magazines that have successfully monetized AR in their publications.

1. Advertising Partnerships:

One of the primary ways magazines monetize augmented reality is through advertising partnerships. By collaborating with brands and companies, magazines can create interactive AR experiences that showcase products or services in a captivating way. For example, Vogue magazine partnered with a luxury fashion brand to create an AR experience where readers could virtually try on the latest collection. Through this partnership, Vogue generated revenue by charging the brand for advertising space within the AR feature, while providing readers with an engaging and interactive experience.

2. Subscription Models:

Magazines are also capitalizing on augmented reality through subscription models that offer exclusive AR content to paying subscribers. National Geographic implemented this strategy by providing subscribers with access to AR-enhanced articles and features that bring stories to life in a whole new dimension. By offering premium AR content as part of the subscription package, National Geographic incentivized readers to become paying subscribers, thereby increasing revenue and building a loyal customer base.

Augmented reality in magazines

3. Sponsored Content:

Another effective monetization strategy for magazines is sponsored content that integrates AR technology seamlessly into editorial content. Wired magazine partnered with a tech company to create an AR-enhanced article about the future of artificial intelligence. The sponsored AR content provided readers with an interactive experience that complemented the editorial piece while generating revenue for Wired through the sponsorship agreement. By blending sponsored AR content with editorial storytelling, magazines can monetize AR while maintaining the integrity of their content.

4. In-App Purchases:

Magazines are leveraging augmented reality to drive in-app purchases and boost revenue through interactive shopping experiences. Home & Garden magazine introduced an AR feature that allows readers to virtually decorate their living spaces with furniture and decor items from partner brands. Through in-app purchases, readers can buy the products directly from the magazine’s app, generating revenue for both the magazine and the brands featured in the AR experience. By offering a seamless shopping experience within the app, magazines can capitalize on consumer interest and drive sales through AR technology.

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