Vision PRO (by Apple). A revolution in the world of augmented reality

With every new product, Apple continues to push the boundaries of technology, and their latest innovation — Apple Vision Pro — is no exception. The Vision Pro augmented reality headset offers its users incredible capabilities that are hard to even imagine.

Apple Vision Pro is an innovative «spatial computer» that seamlessly blends digital content with the physical world, allowing users to stay in the present moment and maintain a connection with their surroundings while having access to digital content.

Vision Pro offers an endless canvas for apps, going beyond the boundaries of a traditional display, and presents a fully three-dimensional user interface, controlled by the most natural and intuitive inputs — the user’s eyes, hands, and voice.

Thanks to visionOS and its three-dimensional interface, apps are freed from the constraints of the display and can appear alongside at any scale.

Vision Pro enhances user productivity by providing endless screen resources, access to favorite applications. Also, this device transforms the viewing of entertainment content. With two ultra-high-resolution displays, Vision Pro can turn any space into a personal movie theater with a screen that seems to be 100 feet wide, and an advanced spatial sound system. Users can watch movies and TV shows, enjoy stunning three-dimensional movies, and play games with spatial sound.

Apple Vision Pro offers many features:

Captivating Entertainment: It turns any space into a personal movie theater with two ultra-high-resolution displays and an advanced spatial audio system.

Exciting Environment: This feature allows the user’s world to expand beyond the dimensions of a physical room with dynamic, beautiful landscapes.

Memoris: It has the first three-dimensional camera installed by Apple, allowing users to capture and animate memories with spatial sound.

FaceTime Becomes Spatial: It uses the space around the user, making video calls more engaging and interactive.

App Capabilities: It has a brand new App Store with hundreds of thousands of familiar iPhone and iPad apps that work with the new input system for Vision Pro.

How to сontrol Apple Vision Pro:

1. Interface:

2. Gesture control: You have finger control available for selection (close your thumb and index finger) or wrist flick for scrolling.

3. Voice control: You can dictate your request by voice.

4. Keyboard and Trackpad:

Vision Pro supports Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad, allowing users to set up the perfect workspace or bring the powerful capabilities of their Mac into Vision Pro wirelessly.

5. Digital Crown: You can control your presence or immersion in the environment by rotating the digital crown.

Downsides of Apple Vision Pro:

For ourselves, we found only 2 downsides. Battery and cost.

Downside 1 — Price.

Apple Vision Pro costs over $3000, making it an expensive device and a potential barrier for some consumers. But we are confident that the company will do everything possible to make this device accessible to the mass market in a few years.

Downside 2 — Dependence on external power source.

The Apple Vision Pro external battery supports up to 2 hours of operation, and it can be used throughout the day if connected to a power source. It is unclear how much the charging cord will interfere and whether it will be convenient to move with it.

Downside 3 (a stretch) — The need to adapt to new forms of interaction.

Vision Pro uses a new input system that is controlled by the user’s eyes, hands, and voice. This may require some time for users to get used to and adapt to new forms of interaction.

Conclusions and our opinion about Apple Vision Pro:

This device has enormous potential for work and home tasks, gaming and entertainment, learning and communication. Its ability to create three-dimensional virtual environments where users can interact with their favorite apps makes it a unique tool for creating an infinite number of apps and content.

Given this, we at Stories AR are confident that this technology will not keep us waiting and will become a mass product, accessible to many users. Some call it «Binoculars,» but we in the Stories AR team are already studying this tool extensively to become one of the first developers in the world who adapt our Stories AR product to the new ecosystem. After all, Stories AR helps any user create augmented reality in 3 clicks, and you don’t need to be a programmer for that.

Overall, Apple Vision Pro is an impressive achievement in technology and undoubtedly leaves its mark in the history of Apple innovations. It opens new horizons for app developers and offers users new ways to interact with the digital world. But it is important to remember its drawbacks and take them into account when considering buying this device.

All photo/video materials were taken from the official Apple company website.

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